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Box Office

Into The Subconscious Mind
Magic & Mentalism Show


Experience Duration: 2 hours

Check-in time: 30 minutes prior to showtime

Location: Ala Moana Hotel (O'ahu) & Grand Hyatt Resort  (Kaua'i)

Quick Details

An intimate evening of the world's finest magic!

A world-class magic & mentalism show by Hawaii's magician, Matthew Singer at the Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu and the Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa in Kaua'i. Journey into the subconscious and explore the powers of your psyche! Matthew seamlessly weaves together sleight-of-hand with neuroscience, psychology, and metaphysics to create a mind-bending, interactive experience that unfolds right before your eyes!

Explore the secrets of the universe. Experience the powers of your psyche.

O'ahu Shows - Ala Moana Hotel

Tickets from $39

Kaua'i Shows - Grand Hyatt Resort

Tickets from $39

Hands down, the best magic show in Hawai'i!


Featured on:

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Featured on Hawaii News Now
Hawaii News Now (Part 1)
Hawaii News Now (Part 2)
Grand Hyatt Ala Moana Matthew Singer Magic Menatlism Into The Subconscious Mind

Bobby R.

Suspenseful, fun, and exciting - lots of audience participation & great tricks!

Daniel K.

I've been a big fan of magic for a long time and I've seen many shows. This was a very UNIQUE experience and I definitely hope to see Matthew again.

Kristi X.

What fun! Definitely so unexpected. Love the laughs & energy.


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Grand Hyatt Kauai Magic Show

Now Playing at the Ala Moana Hotel on Oahu and Grand Hyatt Resort on  Kauai!

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